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"This book is a work of art in its own right, lovingly illustrated and detailed and well-written. Anyone who cherishes the loyalty, dedication and value of working dogs will find it readable and invaluable."

Jon Katz, author

The Dogs of Bedlam Farm

"An in-depth and beautifully illustrated breed guide to a hardworking class of dogs, Farm Dogs is hard to resist even if you live in a city apartment. . ."

The Bark magazine


"A thorough book of facts and practical advice on coexisting with troublesome predators. Running throughout is a unifying plea of compassion: these are not mindless enemies to be vanquished, but irreplaceable neighbors to be cherished"

Will Stolzenburg, author

The Heart of a Lion

Livestock Guardians, by Jan Dohner, is a comprehensive guide for farmers struggling to reduce predation of sheep, goats, and other livestock.  Dohner, who has more than 26 years of experience with guardian animals, helps owners understand the keys to effective livestock protection: careful selections of the right guardian animal, proper guardian livestock bonding, dedicated training, and ongoing problem-solving.”  

American Small Farm



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“The Encyclopedia’s wide survey of endangered farm animals should be ranked with Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. While Ms. Dohner is not devoting many pages to preaching or lecturing us, the sheer numbers and obvious merits of the breeds she mentions make a powerful call for our attention and for action.”

Stephen Green-Armytrage, author

Extraordinary Chickens


“Most educated people know about the decline of wild biodiversity, but few are aware of the parallel tragedy in breeds of livestock. This fine book will help to correct that and also provide an important resource for all of those concerned with the future of animal agriculture.”

Paul R. Ehrlich, author

Human Natures: Genes, Cultures, and the Human Prospect

President of the Center for Conservation Biology

Stanford University

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