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Jan Dohner is an author and researcher with a passion for historic livestock breeds, livestock guardians, working farm dogs, and non-lethal predator control. Jan lives on her family farm and has 40 years of hands-on experience with the use of livestock guardian dogs for predator control. 


Jan is the author of four books and many articles for print or online magazines and broadcasting, including Modern Farmer, Mother Earth News, and others. She has appeared on radio and podcast interviews for NPR, CBC Radio, and Urban Farm. Jan makes presentations on livestock guardians, the use of farm dogs, and predator control at various conferences, including Mother Earth Fairs, the American Livestock Conservancy, SVF Foundation, and Michigan Sheep Producers Association. Food Animal Concerns Trust has sponsored 5 webinars by Jan on the use of livestock guardian and non-lethal predator control. Jan is also a longtime member of the American Livestock Conservancy and a Board member and past President of the Kangal Dog Club of America.


Jan's family sells their farm products - Shetland fleeces, batts, yarn, honey, and more at the farm store for Rustic Roots Farm. Personalized and autographed books available as well.








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