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Livestock Guardian Dogs

Learning About LGDs - Facebook group

Reliable advice and a files section with articles from experienced members

Predator Friendly Ranching Blog

Louise Liebenberg

"Warning Signs, Play Behaviour, Hunting Sequences and the Young LGD"

"Looking for the Good Signs"

Cows/Calves and of course the Sarplaninac dogs"

"The Dilemma of “Hands On or Hands Off” Raising"

"Puppy Talk and How it Relates to Livestock-Guardian Dogs"

"Livestock Guardian Dogs and Poultry"

Anna Abney

LGD.ORG Library

Online library of articles by experienced LGD users


Livestock Guardian Dog Education Network

Black Alder Ranch

LGD Informational Links and Articles

Cat Urbigkit

Essays, blog posts, and Wolf Watch news

Sheepfields - Diane Spisak

LGD Training articles

Breeders of Working Health Tested LGDs -

Facebook group


Learning About LGDs YouTube channel

Great Pyrenees Club of America - LGD 

Contact person and listed breeders

Herding Dogs

Mother Earth Magazine -

Articles and Posts

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Podcasts and Streaming Programs

Animal Predators

Guides for Home, Recreation, Farm, and Ranch
Organization Resources
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