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The Encyclopedia of Historic and Endangered Livestock and Poultry Breeds

“An encyclopedic coverage of rare and heritage breeds is very ambitious, but the author has achieved great success in the coverage of most British and North American breeds. The extensive bibliography gives testimony to the prodigious research that has gone into this work. The author’s style engaged me fully as I found myself drawn into the many wonderful breed histories that are so much a reflection of our culture. This book will be welcomed by all those who recognize the genetic and cultural treasure these breeds represent.”—Donald E. Bixby, DVM, Executive Director, American Livestock Breeds Conservancy   


"Dohner's engaging book testifies to the importance of saving the biodiversity of domestic animals." - Science


"This title presents the wealth of diversity hidden behind the cloned landscape. It is an authoritative and fascinating exploration of the breeds of cows, pigs, sheep, goats, horses, and fowl that once were plentiful. . . . In the same way that a coffee-table travel book piques interest among armchair travelers, this wonderful volume may inspire greater interest in the amazing variety of animals that once characterized life on the farm."—Kim Long, The Bloomsbury Review


"I love this book and want to shout, "Bravo! Janet Vorwald Dohner has done an exquisite job!" - Deborah Robson, Spin-off


“Dohner makes a valuable contribution to the argument that rare breeds of domestic farm animals are just as important to preserve as wild species.”—Lyle G. McNeal, founding director, Navajo Sheep Project


"An exhaustively researched resource . . . A comprehensive work, it supplies information not in other sources or in one volume" - Choice


“Dohner has researched her subject thoroughly, drawing from a wide variety of published resources as well as her contacts with breed organizations in the United States, Canada, and Britain. She excels at drawing out relevant and interesting breed histories, physical descriptions, and, if known, a breed’s current status. . . . Highly recommended for public and academic libraries.”—Library Journal (starred review)


“This unique one-volume encyclopedia covers the rare and endangered farm animals of the world. . . . [It] provides extensive information on each breed. History, geography, information about food products from each are covered, and much more. Although it will be valuable in academic libraries where agricultural programs are covered, the writing is clear and it would be useful in other types of libraries as well. This resource is highly recommended.”—American Reference Books Annual 2003

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